29 February 2012


So, if someone eats a giant bar of chocolate.... on February 29th.... It does´t count.... right? ... :)

P.S. Hello!

18 February 2012

15 February 2012

a 4 minute upper

This has been on my earlymorningdogwalkplaylist for a while now. It already has over 54,000,000 hits so you probably have heard it. For those of you who haven´t, something new.  Enjoy! (Dogs are optional:))


12 February 2012


We were away visiting friends in a small mountain town lost in the Pyrenees. At night it dropped to -20C. Today the sun was out and it reached -10C. When we got back to Vitoria it was a balmy 0C. I´ll never complain about winters in Vitoria again... ;)
Hope you have a lovely week!

09 February 2012


Hey Lisa! This is for you. Sending you loads of love. We miss you!!

06 February 2012


(Taken with the htc trophy phone....  I´m the one person who does´t have an iPhone- in case you were wondering who it was. ;))


01 February 2012


"I knew a girl who was blue. Then she painted her world pink."

I always feel a little blue in February. So I´m going to paint this month pink. I´m challenging myself to take a picture a day for the next 29 days. (It was that or eating 29 pink cupcakes.... I´m sure by day 5 I´ll be wishing I´d taken the cupcake challenge.:))

P.S. For a little more pinkness, check out Nadine´s lovely new shop over at Tiny Woolf.



I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo