28 April 2011

winners, goats, and a little france

Went to France with Berta a few weeks ago. We ended up in one of those places where you are surrounded by beauty at every turn.  We ignored time, ate when we were hungry (pastries and coffee... for every meal...), walked aimlessly, and laughed with the locals. It was one of those days when you couldn´t help but live in the moment.

There is nothing worse than a French goat with an attitude... ;)

And the winners are juliette, mrs. butters, lily, and ingrid. Pick a print girls and email me your address.
Thanks everyone for stopping by! Big hugs my friends!

23 April 2011

madrid randomness

Some random shots of Madrid. Today is San Jorge. In Cataluña they celebrate by giving the women a rose and the men a book. I love that tradition.
Thank you for your birthday wishes. I´ll announce the winner when I get back. Hope you´re enjoying your weekend.

17 April 2011

birthdays, giveaway, and film

Tomorrow is my birthday. And to celebrate I´m having a giveaway of one of my prints. Just tell me what´s your favorite word in the comments. My favorite word at the moment is "yes" ... ahem... just in case you were wondering Jorge... ;)
P.S. Happy birthday to Ibb and Elis! We are practically triplets!
P.S.S. Does anyone know why there is an overexposed mark on all my pictures? (Film shots.) Please don´t tell me it was because my lens was dirty.... ;)
P.S.S.S. I can´t decide between pink or black... So Jorge you can just... ahem... surprise me.... :)

11 April 2011

remember me?

Some stolen moments I´ve saved in my back pocket for you.
Thank you for your kind comments on my last post.... You know how to tug at a girl´s heart.
Hope all is well! Big hugs my friends!
P.S. And no... Jorge is not a bullfighter... But you wouldn´t know it by looking at his "cape"... ;)


I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo