26 June 2011

from my last roll

Have a great week!
P.S. I am officially a Canon girl. Just a little yahoo!

10 June 2011

i´ve been to see a man about a bull

I´m off for a final hurrah in Madrid.
P.S. I´m taking part in Elis´ Global Burrows Project. To read more, and to see what we got up to in Madrid, you can visit her here.
Have a great weekend!

06 June 2011

madrid in film

So after going back and fourth to Madrid all year... Visiting schools, neighborhoods, bothering MadrileƱos with thousands of questions.... A new job has found Jorge. Where? You might be wondering... in Vitoria..... I´m off to eat a gallon of ice cream and then to crawl under the covers until October....
Send me hugs... please...

01 June 2011

2nd attempt

Jacques Henri Lartigue (my guru)

"i was born happy. That helps, doesn´t it?"

Jacques Henri Lartigue was born near Paris in 1894. At an early age he recognized that life was made up of beautiful moments, but at the same time he was aware that these moments were fleeting.  As a way to try to capture them, he turned to photography. Lartigue was eight. At around the same time he started to keep journals, which he wrote in throughout his life. One such journal was titled "the book of my dreams" and another "reasons why I´m so happy". Here is an excerpt of an interview with an 88 year old Lartigue on photography, life, and passion. Enjoy!

JHL ....As a little boy I had the passion for preserving the fleeting images of life so I took photographs... I want to catch time as it passes.
Do you find your subjects or do they find you?
JHL The subject always finds me. I am only a spectator. I don´t run after it.
Are there subjects that cry out to be photographed?
JHL They all cry out... and often very fast... I have a quick eye. I react quickly.
Is everything worth photographing?
JHL Everything that pleases me, fills me with enthusiasm, delight, and wonder. The rest I let pass by.
Is it an act of love?
JHL Absolutely!... Of passion! Everything is passion- writing, painting, photography. All you have to do is choose.
An invitation to dream?
JHL To dream to see reality when it´s beautiful.... An invitation to rejoice... to love. Everything is fascinating... nature... the talent of others... Music above all!
Your enthusiasm has become legendary. Did you acquire it or were you born with it?
JHLThere was a fairy at my cradle. I have looked after her gifts. I have tended them well. Life is a garden.
They also grow through suffering?
JHL Through suffering and through all other means. All you need is passion.
Is there a decisive moment for a photograph?
JHL Definitely. But it´s a reaction to a second.
How does one recognize it?
JHL It´s like a tennis match. You anticipate the moment. You do it before you´ve had time to think. 
Do you look at your photographs?
JHL I never do. There are cooks who pick cherries to preserve them and make jam. I am a cook who makes jam, but I prefer to eat fresh fruit.

Finding the courage to be truly happy can be daunting. A little Lartigue seems to help. ;)

P.S. Thank you for your get well wishes! Turns out I wasn´t dying after all. And Jorge was right again... ;)


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