27 September 2011


Where to start?... Family, friends, coffee, bookstores, long walks, pad thai, cheesesteaks, shopping ... and that was just the first day....

I´ve started uptown and will work my way down. I won´t post all million of them. Just ... ahem.. a few... Thanks for stopping by! You are the best!

09 September 2011

last days of summer

These are the last of them...
I´m off to my "pueblo" with Sara. I´m stealing two weeks with her before she starts school. Just looking forward to walking around and drinking coffee. Jorge, however, seems to think we are going to give the US economy a little push... :)
See you when I get back!
Big hugs my friends!

05 September 2011


These are the last of them. Thanks for all your lovely comments!
P.S. I´ve been getting Sara ready for university. I´ll be around to visit soon. Sending you big hugs!


I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo