06 February 2009

I just had yet another conversation where the main topic was about food. This time with my hairdresser about which of the three main bakeries in town had the best croissants. These Spaniards know their food and don´t hesitate to give you their opinion. Want to make conversation with an Antonio Banderas look-alike? Order a beer (most Antonio Banderas lookalikes are in bars) and ask him if his mother puts onions in her tortilla de patatatas (an egg omelet with potatoes). Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery. He will go on about ingredients, techniques and cooking temperatures. Next he will tell you how is aunty doesn´t add anything but salt and undercooks her tortilla so the egg is runnier. Then he will tell of an ex-girlfriend who would always overcook hers. (Usually a deal breaker.) And that´s just one beer. If you are still thirsty, ask him if his soccer team will make it to the finals...

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Yo misma said...

Ohhh gods, I'm laughing and crying at the same time!!! I'm spanish and i love this post!!!


I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo