22 February 2009

my treat

A little something to have with your coffee.


Anonymous said...

sin duda!

georgy girl said...

did you know that when you click on your pic it gets humongously bigger? i almost dipped it in my "con chocolate" but then i realized it wasn't churros, and my chocolate was soymilk...drat! i'm coming over for the real thing! Happy Carnivale! :D

p.s. it looks muy delicioso...what is it? Spanish crullers?

Anonymous said...

oh, yumm, jane! i'll be right over!!!

georgy girl said...

is it too late to rename your blog Jane from Spain? anonymity is so 1998. remember, this is the Age of Facebook [are you in it? ;]

Anonymous said...

i can taste them!! see the comment re: facebook...join!! lol


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