24 February 2009

we´re not in kansas anymore...

Just got my son´s school menu for March. Here´s what 5 euros a day gets you;
Monday: Peas with potato and carrots, steak with a mushroom sauce, fruit.
Tuesday: White bean soup, breaded fish fillet with red peppers, fruit.
Wednesday: Vegetable medley, hamburger with an almond sauce, yogurt.
Thursday: Chick pea soup, chicken filet with a vegetable sauce, fruit.
Friday: Rice with vegetables, fish in a green sauce, yogurt.
It´s a long way from mac and cheese...


Ian said...

Jamie Oliver would love that.

MODsquad said...

No doubt! Jamie Oliver would be dancing a jig! Amazing!! I may have to design our weekly dinner menu off this school lunch menu!!

georgy girl said...

wow! sign me up...i wonder what that green sauce that comes with the fish is...pesto? and if that's Curtis Stone behind cafeteria walls doing the chef du jour-ing, you can take him home too! p.s. do they have doggie bags? ;]


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