30 August 2010

corner view...

Is taking all theme suggestions :):):)... please... and thank you! (The two magic words.)
This reminds of when I asked Daniel (awhile back) what the two magic words were.... And he answered, "Right now!".... (I laughed... I know I probably shouldn´t have...;))

P.S. Hi to all new visitors. Thanks for stopping by!


juliette said...

how about taking a cue from school subjects like reading, writing, geography, math, history, etc? Kind of back-to-school-ish, but could be reinterpreted per people's own imaginations (and blog genres). Might be a fun stretch for the first month or so...?

B said...

Changing seasons? We can really notice here how autumn is approaching, maybe it's not so obvious in Spain...
I also liked the suggestion above, back to school!

ticklishfromadistance said...

How about your favorite keepsake? I miss you, Jane. Glad you are back.

Maryline said...

love this picture !
Themes ? What about... my best...(memory, clothes, shoot, food, travel....)
aren't we always looking for the best ??

Susanna said...

Hi Jane, nice to have you back, can you please put me on the list too!??!! I love to join this inspiring group of people!
Mayby the corner vieuw about rain....since it's raining so much in the netherlands ;-)
Or mushroom --autumn stuff! Loads of mushrooms now! (because of all the wet weather!)

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

... "euh" (in French in the text)...

Big hug... and I'm ready for every idea. I like the idea "back... to..."

Kaylovesvintage said...


Croatian_Latina said...

Hi Jane,

what an adorable picture. I like how the little girl is wearing pink and the boy/ blue and white.

Just throwing some ideas at you.
back to school
otono (spanish word)
Change of color (leaves changing color)
My gift to you-
Take time to be still?

Happy Monday!

RosaMaría said...

I miss corner view!!! so is amazing start again!! i'm bad picking themes, so, like Ötli says I'm ready for every idea!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

How bout indoors/outdoors. Or something like 'what I carry'.

la ninja said...

can we please have "merienda" and then, that way I'll join you lot with the post I'm sort of writing right now? gracias, lazy ninja xx

Line said...

anything goes Jane, why not choose somethinf simple like fall is....!!

Conny said...

Yippee! As you can tell, I'm excited for the return of the Corner View! :) I love all the proposed themes so far. Maybe "celebration" in celebration of the return of CV?

We're all on our starting blocks, poised and ready to run! Woohoo!

Ulrika said...

thank you Jane for the first comment on my new place!! yay!
and good luck with your apartment hunt!

Outside The Lines said...

I love that photo! Not sure what Corner View is, but sounds like fun after reading the comments!

Loree said...

Hi. Your blog looks like so much fun.

Tiphaine said...

whatever, I'm in !!!!! the back time was very nice !!!

katy said...

Hi, I'm new around here. I've wanted to participate in your corner view, but only now do I have my act together to pay attention and do it! Is there a place I can sign up to participate? I'm an American living in Luxembourg (teeny country in between France, Germany and Belgium.)

Anyhoo, here are my theme suggestions:

In the air
Passing By
Right next door
Local doors (have you already done doors?)

Brain freeze. That must be all I have right now :)
Thanks -

likeschocolate said...

We have done white before, but what about other colors, yellow, orange, blue, etc.

Don said...

Here's a few themes that come to mind, in no particular order.

words, numbers, funny, hair, bicycle, trees, sexy, cool, not cool, body parts, famous, missing, signs, hats, ugly, uplifting, dreams, drawings, electric, games, sleep, sound, together and more!

inna karenina said...

what a lovely photo! :)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I like the idea of colour themes because, well, you know I love my colour, Jane! Thanks for stopping by the blog on Friday. Will

moetjatja said...

there are a lot of suggestions allready, maybe things that start with favourite... like favourite music during childhood/ youth, favorite thing in your house, etc
I'am ready for it! love Hinke

Shokoofeh said...

I miss miss miss Corner View!

Francesca said...

oh dear, zero ideas from me. But I'd like to know how people come up with their blog titles, perhaps it's not suitable as a CV theme, and I should just run some sort of survey on my blog:)

Sunmallia said...

Where did I come from?

Chopsticks and Spaghetti said...

Hi, Jane. How about "something old, something new"? What is the oldest thing in your corner view and the newest?

Barbara said...

I reallllly mis the Corner views!

Talooky said...

corner views idols? hidden pleasures? artist? talisman? happy memory?

bicocacolors said...

esta foto es simplemente genial!

Janis said...

??? I'm blank! Though I am looking forward to hearing others imaginative ideas.

So glad you're back Ms. Jane!

Emily Young said...

Hurrah for the return of Corner View! : )

Pets? School? Water?

Juniper said...

Themes hmm,
simple verbs maybe?
pondering...stepping... listening....drinking...eatting...watching.... laughing...befriending...or times of day, the early hours, evening falls etc.
Glad Cornerview is back!

le blÖg d'Ötli said...


We can do something about... the research of ideas? The web emulation?


Elisabelle said...

oh... this photo is wonderful!!!

yay!!! corner view is back!!!
New themes on the top of my head:
dinner with friends


cate Bruce-Low said...

i'm going to sit back and let others suggest, but i wanted to let you know that you i have a post dedicated to you, jane, and to your yoghurt cake. finally! i hope that it honors you and the cake properly. thank you so much for allowing me to use that recipe.

xoxo. can't wait for CV's to start again!

laméditerraine said...

That's a beautiful photo!
Do you speak with your children in English?
They must be soooooooo smart...just like mom I guess.

I'm sorry to tell you I didn't take any of the pictures in my last post, so you can forget about the photographer artist I am not :)

biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggest kisses

KathyA said...

Hi Jane!!!Haven't a clue about themes -- I think you'll come up with something good. I have faith!

Jennifer said...

Doors & Windows
My Secret
Beginnings and Endings
Right Now ;)

haha...but it seems like we have done all of these already!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I have no suggestions. I just wanted to say how much I love the photo that accompanies this post.

Lollipop said...

oooh lovely shot!
I'll think about it

Joanna Jenkins said...

So lovely Jane. And so was your prior post with all your pics from August. They are a feast for my eyes. Thanks.

Happy September!

WanderChow said...

My corner view suggestions:
Summer Sets (or) Summer Remembered
Evening sky
Morning sky
Neighborhood Walk
Farmer's Market

Possibilities are endless!

Theresa said...

open doors

Linnea said...

Ooo! I like the school subjects. Can you tell that I am a school junkie?
Seasons for a month could work too: weather, clothing, activity, food, so many changes.

Also thinking about these words:

Rocio said...

Jane! Qué foto más preciosisisisima!!!

Now, subjects for CV.... maybe kitchens, cooking, family, recipes, cakes, smells, meal times, spices, kitchen appliances (all related, possibly because I have been in a baking frenzy lately)

Cannot wait for the next CV!!

Cheers, Rocío

lucylaine said...

As i come back from holidays, i'm going to talk about!!

Emma said...

as usual it is always a great pleasure to come back around. After vacations gone, return is always little hard so ...thank you for letting me see your wonderful picture and please...don't stop ;-)
2 real magic wors
Emma from san Francisco

Ian said...

I guess, like Lucylaine, many of us just came back from holidays. Probably a lot of holiday photos floating around out there ;)


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