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Children in Spain start school at the age of two. Daniel cried so much the first week that I gave in and kept him home until the following year. Sara, on the other hand, raced into her class on the first day with hardly a goodbye.... Then I cried for the first week... ;)

My kids have school from 9:00 until 1:00, come home for lunch, then go back again at 3:30 until 5:30. Then they have an after school activity which usually gets them home around 7:00. Then it´s homework, dinner, and bed. It´s a long day... Luckily, this is Spain, and we have lots of fiestas to break up the year. :) Thanks Juliette for this fun idea!

Next week´s theme is "seven". (I know colors are popular, but I thought a number could be interesting too:))

I won´t be in blog land for a while. I thought I´d turn Corner View over to all of you to host. Theresa will start by hosting the first two weeks. Then Cate will host the next 2 weeks and post who will go next. Eventually, you´ll all get a turn. If you have any questions, please email Theresa. Thanks!!

I´m hoping to still post - but I´ll have my comments turned off. Your sweet comments are too much of a distraction because I always want to run right over to see what you are up to and to give you a big hug! You are all too brilliant! This isn´t goodbye- I´ll see you all soon! :)

Sending you dos besos muy gordos!

P.S. I´m shooting another bullfight today. (Still sounds strange to say that:)) So you know what´s coming... :)


Kamana said…
wow thats a long day at school! we start school very early - 6:50am!
Cabrizette said…
Oh...Too much time at school in France since 8am to 5pm !! and our children are not more intelligent, be sure !!!
I will miss you Jane... take care and be back soon, please !!! Bises
juliette said…
I'll try to post today - my drivers are being persnickety, so I may have to find another way to get my photos off the camera. grr.

btw-you sound so responsible turning off the comments! =P
nath said…
wow, starting at two! but they're still so teeny tiny at two. that is a long day isn't it? nice to have a long lunch break though.

enjoy your break?
Hope shooting the bull fight goes well. I can't believe how long the kid's days are at school!
Lollipop said…
oh thanks for the little piece of you, once again.
I hope it isn't a goodbye!
take care & please come back!
Sammi said…
How come you are not around so much anymore :o( makes me sad! Come back soon I miss you!! You've only just got back from your busy summer.

Too much time wasted at school, I think!
pien said…
hi jane!!!!

will be missing you then...
thats sad.

Finn said…
jane, i really missed you :)

it's nice to hear the plain details of another way of organising the day, they let our imagination work

happy new school year to your kids and to you!
new ventures lie awaiting. that sounds like fun.
i'm really grateful for such an opportunity to share the world, online, in a friendly, creative way.
we will ofcourse miss you, jane. and good luck in the (bull) ring.
till soon, n
Line said…
it's look like a busy day for small children... hurray for the siesta!!!
kenza said…
Lovely photos. And I love your comments.
Good luck with all your endeavors! Cuidate.
Ida Nielsen said…
It must be lovely to walk through such a beautiful allee on the way to school!
Have a nice break, Jane!
Victoria said…
Great to be back on CV. That sure is a long day at school. Hope everyone gets a little sietsa as well as the fiesta! We shall miss you. Good luck with your projects.
Ian said…
Good luck with your book. It sounds like it's coming along very well.
Francesca said…
This is rather mysterious Jane. Are you moving in the end? Ciao!
Bichos da Matos said…
As always it's a pleasure to read you:) Have a nice break shooting la corrida but I hope will return soon! dos besos
Allison said…
Every time I thin of "back to school" I think of the brilliant commercial from Staples... the father riding the shopping cart through the aisles, the children standing in the store with long faces, and "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing in the background... classic!

Schöne Grüße!
Kaylovesvintage said…
age 2 , that is very early
Kaylovesvintage said…
age 2 , that is very early
Croatian_Latina said…
I can't imagine starting school at such tender age!

Here in Croatia, the schedules alternate every week according to my friend who has a 7yr boy in elementary school. One week they go from 9 to 1. then the following week it's from 2-6. She is lucky she can work around this schedule since she doesn't work.
Janis said…
Two years old...I didn't know that. Wow!!!

Jane - CV is not going to be the same - really, it never is when you are gone - so hurry back! we'll miss you... take care dear. xo
la ninja said…
what do you mean you're off?
you "do" know you're not allowed, don't you? ;P

hasta prontito x
la ninja said…
okay, I've read the comments and wanted to add that kids start "parvulario" (kindergarten, crèche) early. but that's not compulsory (or wasn't back in the day when I was a toddler in spain.)
proper school starts at 6.
Barbara said…
What a beautifull school on the outside! Sooooo different with schools in Holland!

I hope your brake will give you what you hope it will give you...;)
moetjatja said…
hope to see you back soon!
Elisabelle said…
I understand about the distraction.
Blogging kind of became an addiction to me. I will be looking forward to your post and hope to keep in touch.
Take care sweet Jane.
kpaints said…
The kids must be dead on their feet for weeks after this starts. Tough days.
I will miss you but can't wait to see what your hosts are up to. Thanks.
WanderChow said…
Wishing you a nice break! And a pleasant transition into fall!
Kari said…
i love the first photo.
that's a really long day for the kids. just curious why is the day broken up like that? - is it for siesta? that must take some time getting used too.
hope your shooting of the bull fight goes well.
soisses said…
cv is back! YEAAAHHHH!!!

what a long school day... hope it is ok, that i tell about nursery school of my son.

have a lovely evening.
KathyA said…
I like the idea of such a long lunch -- so civilized.
I'll miss you -- have fun 'shooting the bull.' :)
RosaMaría said…
is sad read about you'll be way... hope all your proyects are great and you'll come back soon!
se te extrañará un montón!

muchos besos guapa!!
isabelle said…
I always love your stories ... come back quickly ...
cindy said…
i'm just happy you will continue posting because your pics are some of my favorites and very inspiring. i don't mind being quiet. xo, c
Tiphaine said…
late, late, late...(but we still are wednesday over here...)Love the big allée with the trees...I'll be waiting for your pictures, take good care of yourself.
Emily Young said…
Love the photos! (And hurray for fiestas to break up the year... I'm counting down the days till Thanksgiving.)
Susanna said…
what a long time to be without your parents!
Jane, take care and come back soon!
good luck with all your ventures - you will be missed and we shall be glad to see you back soon!
Esti said…
Jane, I can't believe it! That is the same school I attend to for four years when living in Vitoria as a kid. You've just brought so many memories back! Those walls! That walkside! Madre mía!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Have a great time at the bullfights taking pics and looking at bullfighters ;-)
I'll be watching for your pics. Enjoy!
xo jj
jgy said…
HI Jane,
will miss you!
Happy school days to your children, and happy days to you taking glorious pictures and getting them out there!!!
keep us posted,
Rip said…
les photos de corrida sont absolument magnifiques !! Quel talent!!
kim banks said…
Daan said…
Long days, indeed. It so silent in our house now school has started.

Hope all is well and hope to see you soon.

Besos my dear SpainJane!

Don't stay away too long!
L'Atelier said…
i've been offline for a bit... shall miss you now that i am back.
will keep an eye on your photos :)
a bientot!
good luck with everything you're up to, sweet jane. looking forward to hear from you again. till then... :)
likeschocolate said…
School started three weeks ago here in Georgia; however, it was fun watching the parents bring their children to school in Rome on Monday. Love all your bull photos.

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