16 November 2010

i´m not perfect...

Ever since I saw the "I´m not perfect" list on Aimee´s blog, I´ve had a running list in my head. Thanks Aimee! You´ve given me something to think about at three in the morning. ;)

1. I judge books by their covers.
2. I don´t forgive, I forget.
3. I eat chocolate before dinner.
4. I eat chocolate before breakfast.
5. I´m eating chocolate now.
6. I take criticism to heart and compliments with a grain of salt.
7. I always give my children the benefit of the doubt.
8. I wuv Coco, but sometimes get the feeling that the licks that I consider to be kisses, might just be her way of checking to see if there is finally enough salt.
9. I have a dark streak.
10. Most of the time I feel like I´m still 18, and I´m just faking my way through being an adult...

OK, now maybe I can get some sleep. ;)

!Dos besos muy gordos!


I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo