30 November 2010


What a fantastic surprise! Just stopped by to tell you that The Soho is having a giveaway with my photos and I found all your lovely comments! (I thought I had turned them off.) Man! I miss you! I was having one of those days and your unexpected kindness lightened my heart. (I´m sitting here with a stupid grin on my face.) And I thank you for that... really!...
Sending you all big hugs! And see you all soon!
And Ian, very impressive! I can´t even remember what I had for lunch today... ;)

29 November 2010

a few more from Madrid

It was too cold to do much venturing this weekend. Thought I´d post a few more from Madrid before the onslaught of my winter indoor coffee shots... ;)

If you have a second, check out what Elis has been up to....  "It´s amazing what we can do..."

22 November 2010

saturday outtakes

My alarm went off as the last bit of Sunday evaporated. I put on my fluffy slippers and shuffled to the kitchen. I had a cup of tea with honey and whole wheat toast with olive oil. I put on a pair of jeans and a wool sweater over my pajamas and took Coco for a walk in the rain. On the way back I stopped for a cup of coffee with milk and read the newspaper while Coco greeted the early morning customers. I arrived home just as Daniel´s alarm was ringing. I met him on the way to the kitchen. He stopped and gave me a hug good morning.

Happy Monday friends!

16 November 2010

i´m not perfect...

Ever since I saw the "I´m not perfect" list on Aimee´s blog, I´ve had a running list in my head. Thanks Aimee! You´ve given me something to think about at three in the morning. ;)

1. I judge books by their covers.
2. I don´t forgive, I forget.
3. I eat chocolate before dinner.
4. I eat chocolate before breakfast.
5. I´m eating chocolate now.
6. I take criticism to heart and compliments with a grain of salt.
7. I always give my children the benefit of the doubt.
8. I wuv Coco, but sometimes get the feeling that the licks that I consider to be kisses, might just be her way of checking to see if there is finally enough salt.
9. I have a dark streak.
10. Most of the time I feel like I´m still 18, and I´m just faking my way through being an adult...

OK, now maybe I can get some sleep. ;)

!Dos besos muy gordos!

10 November 2010

fiesta in madrid


The procession in honor of the Virgen Almudena that winds around Madrid ending in the Almudena Cathedral. Pretty amazing to witness. 
Just got back from spending a few days in Madrid. So you know what´s coming. ;)

06 November 2010

a few more...

And thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by! Your unexpected kindness always makes me smile! 
No comments here for a while. It´s a crazy time. Sending you big hugs and kisses!


I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo