Jorge and I spent a rainy day in Bayonne. We ate sushi and drank coffee in between running for cover. December 6th and 8th are national holidays. And this being Spain, we´re on vacation for most of the week.
I´m off to Madrid tomorrow, then to the Netherlands to visit Elis for a long weekend. I guess you know what that means... ;)
See you soon!


Line Houde said…
hum bayonne like jambon de......bayonne cool pics so delicious!!
aimee said…
picture numero uno looks like a painting. i love that you travel so much. coming here gives me so much energy! enjoy your weekend! xoxo
tanïa said…
Baynonne, I'm coming! Looks so inviting even in rainy December!
Happy travelling, have a nice time! I'm waiting for more photo souvenirs to come. ;o)
elisvermeulen said…
rain or no rain, france looks great.

and herm.. what does that mean Jane when you say you are coming to me??

cannot wait to see you again!

Luis Gomez said…
These are just gorgeous Jane! Thanks for your comments. ;)
demie said…
gorgeous pictures! enjoy your weekend : )
Loree said…
Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands. Bayonne looks so pretty.
martita said…
jane!! receiving such a nice comment from one of the bloggers that i like the most (whose blog i've been following for a long time) made me so so happy!! miles de gracias!!! ahora que estoy (temporalmente) viviendo en alemania, echo de menos madrid y españa (la comida, la gente, el buen tiempo!, aunque suene tópico!). muchos muchos besos and thank you again :)
kpaints said…
Even on a rainy day...I would love to be there. You make it look like so much fun and adventure...with all those wonderful photos.

Thanks again for stopping by...yes, I would love junking around in Europe! Someday!
Victoria said…
Great photographs. Those houses look just like Amsterdam canalside houses. Hope you had a good weekend in NL and got to participare in the Sinerklaas fun.
Perfect choice for a rainy day.
Have a nice time :)
so, happy holidays and safe travelin' to you. even if i don't know what it means for you to meet elis, i can well imagine you'll have a ball.
bayonne rings a bell. i think i was little when the car slid through bayonne, on our way to spain. so, there goes.
Zosia said…
Have a great trip. Love the superhero milk delivery service.
L'Atelier said…
Bayonne looks beautiful!
Sounds like the perfect day- who could say no to sushi or coffee?
I love the superhero!
Enjoy your trip - looking forward to the photos ;)
LOVE the bike picture. Makes me want to hop on and take a tour. Thanks for sharing!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Happy vacation! I'm adding Bayonne to my "must see list".
Safe travels, jj
Holli said…
Can't wait to see those vacation pics!!
pia said…
I can't wait to go to Bayonne after these pics!!

I laughed when I saw your title of the post zen and the art of pie making. I read zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance at school and did not understand a word!
bicocacolors said…
me ha encantado este paseo por Bayona, los detalles de tus fotos son fabulosos, gracias Jane y un abrazo,
Isabelle said…
enjoy your travel ....
Lovely posts ;)
Have a nice time!!
Ida Thue said…
It sounds lovely!
Cobalt Violet said…
All these amazing posts!! beautiful shots ... the food one are making hungry ... time for lunch!

Happy Holidays Jane!!!
I love that first image - it almost looks like a sketch with some coloration. So flat - but still so much character.

Catching up on a few weeks of reading. And wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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