middelburg, netherlands

... homemade bread with gobs of butter, early morning walks with cameras and a thermos of coffee, visiting small dutch towns dressed for christmas, garden parties, sigur rós, cookbooks, apple pie, spare ribs, beer, petunias, laughing till my cheeks hurt, and feeling totally at home...

Wishing you a very merry weekend filled with love, joy, and pie!


Merry Christmas to you and your family! Wishing you a wonderful 2012.
yes, holland is special like this. enjoy! Xn♥
Lovely photos of a lovey place. Happy holidays!
kpaints said…
Love all the architecture...beautiful. Merry Christmas...enjoy the holidays!
oceangirl said…
I love the Netherlands too.

Happy holidays my sweet Jane.
Janis said…
Curious, I always feel at home in Europe too - lucky girl to be living the dream ms. Jane, thanks for sharing it with us.

Bundle up, stay warm, Happy Holiday
liza said…
Just before I moved here, I spent four months in Ottersum on a horse farm, right next to all sorts of other farms. The little town was enchanting, and fresh baked goods everyday were a highlight. I love, love your photos.
Merry Christmas to you, Jane!
Holli said…
I love it there! It's perfect :)
Kaylovesvintage said…
hold on , where are you??

wishing you a great christmas
Merry Christmas, I like your photos.
Line Houde said…
happy holidays Jane x x
Bree said…
dear jane
i think you'v captuered in your pic the glow of the love and warmt in elis' house
lovely to see that beloved home in your beautiful pics.

[and yes i say too; a book!]
lamediterrània said…
The second picture is AMAZING, makes me wanna jump in a bike and ride all those streets and go eat pies with you and your friends.
Beautiful pictures as always and beautiful experiences (of pleasure, the pleasure of eating, watching, photographing, smelling and listening)
Never been to the Netherlands, but you do make me want to go.
Big kisses and keep enjoying like this!
likeschocolate said…
Merry Christmas Jane! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday.
Cobalt Violet said…
I am planning on the love and joy but I might have overdone the pie at Thanksgiving. I think we are have some parfait thing? And cookies?
And hopefully a lot of chocolate.

Love the photos, as always. Everything looks crazy clean! Is that because I live in LA? ;)

Merry Christmas to you Jane!
Blessings and Joy to you and your whole family!
Reyes said…
Merry Christmas preciosa! and thank you so much for letting me into the world of Elis, she is a true artist and of course, so are you! Much love for you and your family. Feliz Navidad! Reyes XXX
Barbara said…
wow those are really beautiful :)
i wish you a merry christmas!!
la casita said…
Enjoy the holidays.Happy 2012 to you and your family.
Merry Christmas to you, Jane! Happy Holidays!
jgy said…
What a wonderful place!
Merry Christmas Jane,
Love Joy and wagashi (japanese sweets)!!
xohugs and smiles,
and one of these years, a real coffee with YOU!
Zosia said…
Belated Merry Christmas!
Many breathtaking photos and photo ops in 2012!
Cindy said…
looks so beautiful. hope you're having a wonderful holiday! xo, c
Anne said…
i grew up close to this place :-)
hope you had a lovely christmas - enjoy december's last days!
Joyce said…
Jane I hope you had a wonderful Christmas my friend! xo
Ignacio Santana said…
Encantadores reportajes...gracias por compartirlos!!!

Feliz Año Nuevo y un enorme abrazo, Jane!!! ;)
RosaMaría said…
beautiful european images, as usual Jane!!
lots of hugs for you and wishing the best for your 2012!
Ritva said…
all the best, dear jane!

and thank you!
Beautiful! Et bonne année Jane..
Rie said…
Merry Xmas Jane! Have a great new year & take lots & lots more photos!!
One of my greatest pleasures during 2011 was your blog posts, your photos are awesome & I always take a few minutes to enjoy them... so thank you!!
Ann Marie said…
love these shots!

happy new year!
Great pictures and art work...Thanks for sharing the stuff...!!!

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