26 March 2012

do you see what i have to deal with?... ;)

Some outtakes from a recent shoot.
I´m going "home" for a couple of weeks. See you soon. :)
Big hugs my friends!

16 March 2012

dinner with friends

Steamed mussels with tomato, octopus, boiled potatoes, and cold white wine. Dinner at a Galician restaurant in the old part of town.  Not the best shots... I was too busy eating. ;)
Have a great weekend! :)

10 March 2012

the secret to happiness

Ram, tup, wether, ewe, dam, and hogget. Who knew there were so many (funny) names for sheep. These are some outtakes from a recent visit to a family run sheep farm. Not only am I in awe of a farmer´s work ethic and sacrifice, but also, in this case, by how damn happy everyone was.  Their secret; work hard, sing loudly, and have passion.  Living proof my friends....

Loved this post.
And can´t stop looking at this.


06 March 2012


I just happened to look to my left and saw these lovely "dears" looking at us.
I´ve been shooting a lot for my project lately. Yesterday was chocolate, today pastries, and tomorrow cheese.  When does bathing suit season start?... Ugh!

04 March 2012

are you there blogger? it´s me, jane.

Is anyone else having problems with Blogger? I´m tempted to look for new digs...
On a lighter note. Some details from a sunny walk around the medieval part of town. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

01 March 2012

rain rain go away

Some shots from a not too distant rainy Saturday with Berta. A few of these were actually shot from inside the car. After a while that just got too depressing. (Because we´re convinced that´s how we´ll be shooting when we´re  90... ;)) So we did eventually leave the car.... I got a lot of shots of the backs of cows.... I should have stayed in the car :)...

Some Thursday beautifulness.
Love the simplicity in her shots.
This one stop food site.
Love his eye and also that he´s a friend.
And here where it´s all in the details.



I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo