feels like spring

Hope you are having a great weekend. :)


Enjoy! this week we had some spring days overhere, today has been raining all day and tomorrow it will be winter again... xox salut!
Lovely photos. I can feel the spring.
dorteinmalaga said…
what a lovely landscape up there :)
Anne Marie said…
That does not look like Madrid. Did you move again? It looks more like the North...Asturias perhaps...or somewhere else on the north coast...?

Beautiful anyhow!
Zosia said…
It's snowing again in Warsaw.
Anna Conway said…
Beautiful photos!
Ritva said…
where did it go???
the snow, i mean.

this amount that we have, will, if we are lucky, melt just before midsummer.
but, nevertheless : spring is in the air, tral-lal-laa!
Loree said…
Yep, here too. And it's quite warm already.
Janis said…
wow... your beautiful photos inspired a deep breath. happy pre-spring Jane! xo
jgy said…
Happy Spring!
Looks wonderful to be able to run along the horses.
Me gusta esta serie de fotos.
Un saludo
:) said…
magnifique !! vive le printemps
aimee said…
Looks like a dreamland! xo
well. seems like all i had to do was scroll further down.
here's where it becomes really interesting.
here's where i sense... that's right!
what we're all hankering for...

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