28 May 2013

hello :)

(Train - 50 ways To Say Goodbye)

This video cracks me up. It has David Hasselhoff AND a mariachi band. What more could you ask for? Great song- just try to stop yourself from dancing around the kitchen. :)

Haven´t taken any pics lately. It´s been raining for the past 3 weeks. I saw a pair of zebras and elephants walking down the street this morning. Do you think they know something I don´t know? :):):)

Big soggy hugs my friends. :)


KathyA said...

David Hasselhoff and a mariachi band??? Oh dear God in heaven! :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i'm just fascinated by that guy's skinny gloves at the counter. oh and by the gravity of the mariachi's. is this a song for real? ;))) n

our spanish collegue traveled home and complained about the bad weather. but a zebra ànd elephants? hate to say it, but you're in trouble, hon.

wood & wool stool said...

haha, so funny :)

Reyes said...

Hello!! How are you? Are you back in Spain? I think so, if you talk about three weeks of rain you must be, what a caca Spring! Besos! I'm off to watch the video! (the renovating is not over yet, the latest news being a flood caused by a water pipe which did not appear in any of the floor plans! :-(

Reyes said...

Hey! What a great song and Video!!!

Hilly said...

Danced all morning. What a smile and a happy way to start the day. Love ttmab

Loree said...

Cool. I liked your little clip. It made me smile too.

aimee said...

Hi Jane! I've missed you! :)

jgy said...

You got me dancing:))
And last time you did that (a famous comment or post from you about 2 years ago),
you changed my life!!
smiles and hugs
(I think you know the story of my life I am referring to and how you influenced it!!)
Rainy season here too!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Seriously?!?! A pair of zebras and elephants walking down the street and you didn'thave your camera! What a sight that must have been.
Stay dry.
xo jj

Don said...

A rare find indeed!


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