a happy accident

My camera happened to be on the wrong setting. I kind of like the negative space. I think these would look so cool as paintings....  I wish I could paint... I´m going to have to get on that considering I want to move to Maine when I´m 80 to paint all day... and... bake bread... read all the classics... garden... take up the drums... eat peanut butter out of the jar... drink wine with every meal.... (wine goes really well with peanut butter... and... cereal...;)) write (bad) poetry... watch The Wire... and help my then 20 year old boyfriend study for his exams. Hahahaha! Maybe I should stay away from too much negative space...

I´m going "home" for a few weeks.  If you happen to be around, send me a note. I´d love to meet for a coffee. :)

Big hugs my friends!


la ninja said…
bon voyage. I adore this sort of accident.
tanïa said…
Great! Some of the best results in arts and science came out by accident.
Absolutely agree, they'd be wonderful as paintings. But they're wonderful as photos as well! ;o) And please, don't hesitate to realise those dreams...no need to wait until you're 80, haha!
great & bright effect! x have a great weekend [painting daily]
ibb said…
Love those kind of accidents...and the lacks...are full of things light hiddes.
Enjoy and if you like to meet for a coffee when you return and explain how wine suits with peanut butter! ;))
Barbara said…
that accident turned out really great!
Cobalt Violet said…
You crack me up. Nice vision of the future! ;)
And you're right, the photos are a happy accident. Super cool.
Do you remember what you accidentally did?
:) said…
That's serendipity... Have a nice day... And I'ld really like to have a coffee ;)
Joanna Jenkins said…
Your 20 year old boyfriend! Now that's my idea of "aging well" Ha!
Have a wonderful trip home and put your camera on the wrong setting again sometime. These are awesome.
Safe travels, xo jj
lechow said…
exquisite! i can also see them as paintings....wonderful !

really really you need to move to Maine and do all this wonderful things !!!

Can I come? ;)

seriously your work is gorgeous and so are yoooo!

there! i've got it!
still having a fight with the comments section.
{just saying.}
plse find my comment in your mailbox. ;)))
:) said…
Xoxo ;) and a "bonjour amical"...
jgy said…
Love the light in the photos and in your playful dreams, 。。。did you really start playing the drums? !
Cheers to making them come true!!xo♡Enjoy!

Smiles and hug from Japan!!

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