06 March 2009

giving thanks

I´ve been blogging now for a little over a month. I would have started sooner, if it hadn´t taken me so long to figured out how to upload my photos. (They make that photo box AWFULLY small...) I´ve met so many kind, talented, and inspirational people! My world has gotten bigger- in a good way. THANK YOU for all your lovely comments! I start every day with a smile! And, now, I can say "publish" and "comment" in six different languages! Have a happy weekend! Sending you all a very big hug!


mimi charmante said...

Not that I can provide all that much information, but you are always welcome to ask!
I *adore* these napkin holders and the napkins they hold!
Have a lovely weekend~

savannah gourmet said...

ok, we are definitely on the same cosmic plane so don't think i'm copying - that was exactly what i was going to post about today!!! and jane, if your mother loved The Road Not Taken, i am absolutely certain she'd be very proud of the (off-the-beaten) path you're on - in spain! big hugs!!! and ask daniel when he'll be by to fix our broken x-box!

groovy girl said...

those look like really cool retro collectible napkins! [speaking of retro, guess what i got for my birthday? The Partridge Family First Season on dvd... :]
groovy! [like your blog!:]


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