05 March 2009

is it me?

My 13 year old´s Wii went on the blink. In the time it took me to remember where I had left the guarantee, he had the tool box out and was rolling up his sleeves. Why is it that men, little men in this case, assume that when anything breaks they can fix it? It doesn´t matter that they have never seen the inside of a Wii ( toaster, DVD...) in their lives - they are somehow convinced that if they can get it open, the problem will be solved. So in between laughter, (if you had seen how serious he looked, you´d have laughed too) I wrestled* Daniel to the floor in an attempt to ply the screwdriver out of his little hand. Of course, that night, my husband had it opened and fixed within five minutes...
*No children were harmed during the making of this post...


MODsquad said...

Ha! Great story and even greater picture!! I'm getting on that tag... I promise! So odd to hear about snow in Spain... we never think of that there!

Ritva said...

oh, i love you!
i´m a granny, i know (husband, son, grand son) , you are right, they think, and can (?!) fix it.

a Nonny Mousse said...

remember that book you've always wanted to write?

i think it's in you...with pictures to go with it!

go-to, girl!

here's something to get you started [ok no tears...]:

savannah gourmet said...

hey - i just realized, our kids are the same age - did you realize that? ben 13, robbie 16!! cool!

ladybug-zen said...


fantastic photo!

Joyce said...

I love this post and it made me laugh!
It must be something that starts at an early age. My nephew is 3 yrs old and brings out his little tools to try and fix things.

Another great photo! xoxo


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