03 March 2009

room with a view

Views from my kitchen window. I´d love to see yours!
(Got this idea while reading Joyce´s post.)


Joyce said...

I like your view! Your rooftop view is pretty!

I just signed up to follow you.

Have a golden day!! xoxo

MODsquad said...

Stop it! You're killing us!! SO beautiful!! Right out of a book!! Thanks for sharing your view!! Amazing!

Ian said...

It looks like a nice area. Outside of mine there is a patch of desert and a few camels. When I've moved to a nice villa on the beach, I might have a photo worth posting.

hongkong phooey said...

consider yourself blessed when you get to see so much blue sky...and beautiful dormer windows...and greenery!!! olde city however is slowly turning into Hongkong...phooey!


Anonymous said...

ok, jane, i kissed hershey for you, she says "WOOF," and i would LOVE to have a book shop by the sea - maybe one day we can open KIM & JANE'S VAMOS A LA PLAYA BOOKS! And if you're still reading this... your roof looks exactly like the ones in Swtizerland - makes me so homesick (i lived there 3 yrs and never wanted to go back to the states!!!) great pic! one last thing - sometime will you tell me how you got that purple coat to swirl in that photo in the cafe? i'm still trying to figure that out -- it was amazing.

Ritva said...

i think i have done this, i take a lot of photos from my kitchen window. those trees in snow, that´s what i see.
your view is great!thanks!!

Lisa said...

Wow! What a beautiful place to live!

Geisslein said...

Oh thats really a nice view! Looks like a beautiful area


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