02 March 2009

wine post número uno

Spaniards can talk about wine morning, noon, and night...maybe because they drink it morning, noon, and night...They can go on about the variety of grapes, types of soil, harvests, climate...I, on the other hand, am going to base my reviews on the following foolproof criteria;
1. How it tastes.
2. How slowly it makes me feel loopy.
3. How pretty the bottle is.
And with that in mind, I present to you the first wine on my list, Blue Nun. One of my favorite wines to date. Ok, there is just one flaw in my first post on Spanish wines...Blue Nun is actually German...But I figure, I´m in SPAIN, in a SPANISH bar, ordering in SPANISH, and being served by a SPANISH bartender... ¡Salud!


Georgie Porgie Puddin N. Pie said...

jane, i can always trust you to be my sommelier because you keep it real...

have you tried this?


this is my latest obsession: i drink it like it's Snapple until my doctor said i needed to take these "kidney pills" as i have the constitution of a wino! ;] i mean really, you barely can taste the alcohol! you're just sooo happy! "hi i'm georgie porgie and i'm an alcoholic!" AA meetings anyone? :D

savannah gourmet said...

ok, i am seriously rethinking the starbucks thing - can we get together over a blue nun instead??? hugs back!!!

lobo1702 said...

no es verdad! No one can ever accuse you of trying to fit in??....do it your way!

Joyce said...

Hmmm... a glass a wine sounds perfect! I haven't had a blue nun in ages.

I popped over from mimi charmante's blog.


MODsquad said...

Oh, we'll have to give this one a try. We will raise our glasses to you!

Jeannette said...

I just discovered your blog today and I´m allready addicted. ;)
Your funny stories made my day, thank you!
Warm greetings,


I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo