30 June 2010

corner view "summer"

No words necessary...

Next week´s theme is Saturday. Happy Corner Viewing!

P.S. My kids are leaving for the States in a few days so I haven´t been around much. I´ll have plenty of time to visit when I´m camped out at the airport waiting for their return flight.;););)
Big hugs!

23 June 2010

corner view "noticing"

Before the dance recital began...

Next week´s theme is SUUUUUMER... ahem... summer.

Happy corner viewing!

20 June 2010

take my hand...

Let´s go for a walk around Madrid...

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

¡Dos besos muy gordos!

16 June 2010

corner view "daily"

Love daily, hug daily, laugh daily, learn daily, question daily, do one fun thing daily, read daily, create daily, connect daily...

But first, coffee...

Question: Chocolate soy milk in my coffee.... Gross.... or ..... Revolutionary...?!?

Next week´s theme is "Noticing." Happy corner Viewing! I´m off to Madrid.
I´ll catch up with you this weekend.

11 June 2010

kiss and tell

What´s your pet´s name? (Or just a favorite.) Cows, chickens and sheep also count...
This is Coco (Chanel). Otherwise known as CocoNUT, Coco chip, The Cocster, and Tontita (Just look at that face;))

Thanks Aimee for reminding me how much fun these are!

P.S. Check out Kate´s latest post. It´s a classic! You can find it here.

¡Dos besos muy gordos!

09 June 2010

corner view "bliss"

I´m constantly chasing bliss, reminding myself to recognize it, and reveling in it when I do. The best, though, is when you are not looking for it and it suddenly hits you... For me it´s a wink hello from some one you love, hearing my children laughing together, Coco curled up in between my legs, lying in bed in the morning and listening to the birds singing, chocolate cake for breakfast...

These were taken on a recent walk. Just me and my camera... Total bliss...

Next week´s theme is "Daily."

Happy Corner Viewing!

08 June 2010

my little garden

I planted two pepper, tomato, and strawberry plants.

I´m thinking tomatoes with mozzarella to start, followed by stuffed peppers, and strawberries with cream for dessert...


05 June 2010

studio hopping

in the old part of town...
The sun is out... I´m off to smell the flowers... Have a great weekend!

04 June 2010

oh! the talent!

If you want a little inspiration this fine Friday, go check out what Elis has been up to.

Seriously awesome....

03 June 2010


I yelled out to the great abyss... and it answered...

You guys are great!

02 June 2010

01 June 2010

corner view "from where i´m sitting"

On Sunday Jorge and I were on our way to France. But by the time we got to San Sebastian it was pouring down rain. So we called some friends who live there and met them for an impromptu lunch at an AndalucĂ­a restaurant (ie. lots of fried food). After, we headed to a local bar for coffee and gin and tonics... The usual progression when out with friends. That´s where these were taken. Supposedly, this is the "in" bar where all the surfers hang out, according to my "in" friend... who doesn´t surf.... or read blogs... ;)

Next week´s theme is "bliss."

Happy Corner View!

P.S. My visits have been very sporadic lately. I´ve been working on some projects, and will probably be all over the place for a while. Thanks for bearing with me.

¡Dos besos muy gordos!


I knew a girl who was blue. So she painted her world pink. xoxo