11 November 2012

elis vermeulen

(photos by Leo Van Kampen)

1 year
28 sheep
140 kilos of wool
12 km of string
Imagination, talent, love, and courage.... unmeasurable...

Retreating Motion/Wave

To see more of what Elis gets up to check out her blog here.


Reyes said...

I love the work of Elis and her blog, which I discovered through your blog! She is a true artist. Besos guapa, todo bien por los Madriles, los niƱos se turnan para ponerse malos y la pediatra se ha convertido en mi mejor amiga pero quitando eso, muy bien ;-)

Zosia said...

Sheep heaven. Wonder what Shaun the Sheep would say about that ;-).
Nice new look of the blog!

ibb said...

Love the new view of the blog...

Maybe next time I would love to recomend you some place to investigate...and take photos...


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