This is my 500th post...boy do I feel old... ;)

To celebrate I´m giving away a silver pendant with one of my original photographs. (Just tell me which is your favorite.)

I feel bad that I haven´t had a lot of free time to visit you lately. (I miss you!)

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Your comments always make me smile.

I´m going "home" to Philadelphia for a few weeks. I´ll announce the winners when I get back.

(To see more pendants, check out my shop.)


agentaemme said…
I love the brown-eyed-susie.
Barbara said…
I love the one of the bird!! absolutely beautiful!
Zosia said…
Congratulations, Jane! 500 posts - nice record.
All pendants are lovely. I would go for the Metro one.
Theresa said…
Hooray for Jane! 500!

I can't decide between the birds in a tree, the cherry blossoms and the little robin on a branch. Very cool idea.

Someday I hope we can meet. T
likeschocolate said…
Congratulations on 500! All of your photos are lovely, but the robin really speaks to me! Hope you have a fantastic time in Philly!
the birds in a tree is my favorite.
Reyes said…
Wow Jane, 500 posts! Congratulations!!! You know I adore all your photos, but I specially I love the one with the little bird, is it a Robin perchance? Have a lovely time in "tu pueblo". Besos,
Loree said…
Those are beautiful. Wow, 500 posts!! Keep it up :)
Victoria said…
Wow, congrats on your 500 post! What a lovely giveaway! I'd pick the top right one - looks black and white branches I think. All lovely though. Have a fab trip back home.
Rie said…
Happy 500 Jane! Yay for you!
I'm so totally in love with the birdy on a branch - too cute!
Gabriela said…
Huge congratulations on your 500th post! But really, your success comes as no surprise whatsoever when you consider the quality and content. As far as a favorite necklace, let's see here, Tin-mari-de-do-pingue-cucara-macara-titere-fue! It's the millions of birds perched in the bare tree!
tanïa said…
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 500. post, liebe Jane!!

Your pendants are so lovely! Love the bird and the sky, but in fact they're all adorable!
nunu said…
oh! what a cool idea! i love them all, but my favorite is the sky.
Lisa said…
Oh they are so beautiful, I can't pick a favorite, I will have to say the lone birdie. Have a good trip home Jane, I will miss you, I always miss you, and when you come back, please check out my slideshow dedicated to you that will be posted coming Friday. Congratulations on the 500 and thank you for the wonderful beautiful pictures, and for of Spain, a beautiful warm country.

Lisa (oceangirl)
look. here. how the h*** do i make a choice of those, right, even if i appreciate SO much your offer. which i do.
so, i guess my favourite spot would be to hang out amongst the clouds. ...
enjoy philly a little, if you can. i was there in 1990. i stayed in a spooky youth hostel (or perhaps my life was rather spooky back then). anyway, i remember the mandatory salute to the liberty bell (i hope i'm not talkin' gibberish here, and no, i'm not looking it up either), and a busride which made me weep. with nostalgia, no less...
yes, those are my personal philly memories.
i hated the hanks movie, by the way.
courage, as ever, and hug ya,
and i mean... 500??? kgoh!
{a quick check in my own posts made me realize... i'm at 559... nèver!}
Patrice A. said…
hello you!

a few weeks ago I talked about you
with Ritva from Lumetta, whom I visited
while staying at my brother's who lives in Finland
and now I am here via Nadine of tinyWoolf
yes please count me in for the give-away

Patrice A.
ibb said…
It is difficult to say which one i love more...maybe the clouds...for being dreaming all day.
Enjoy a lot at home! See you when you come back!
J. said…
what a beautiful work! my favourite is the one with small leaves on trees (the 4th on the 1st line)
congratulations for your 500 posts!
a andorinha said…
It's difficult to pick one ...
I like the 1st one with the bird.
And the one with the clouds is also very nice.
Congratulations and have a nice trip to Philadephia!
Francesca said…
Happy 500 Jane, and happy travels!
wooohoooo! happy 500! and great giveaway! It is hard to choose but I would say that my favorite one is the second on the first row, the blue sky with clouds.
:) said…
What a lovely ideas. Branches, trees, leaves and flowers... are my favorite. But I find all your pendants are beautiful... like your photos ;)))
Leslie said…
congratulations on your 500th post! thanks for stopping by to check in with me, you are sweet. hoping you have a wonderful time in philly!
Janis said…
A pendant of your photograph, you clever girl... Sweet!

Have fun visiting your home turf. Eat one of those Philly chilly-cheesy-thingies for me ;^)
jgy said…
Congratulations Jane! Have a wonderful time in Philly!
Say hi to Ben for me and can I share the cheese steak with you and Janis?!
I love the sky, though maybe am too late for the draw!!
Anne Marie said…
I didn't know you had opened a shop, will have to take a peek. All your photos are beautiful, if I had to choose among the ones you have on these pendants it would be either the sky or the metro.

Enjoy your time in Philadelphia! Looking forward to when you come back again since you always show us so many beautiful pictures from your home town.
Joanna Jenkins said…
FIVE HUNDRED! Wow. Congratulations.

LOVE, love, love your pendants. Please count me in.

Have a great time in Phila and Happy Thanksgiving, Jane. Have a wonderful vacation.

xo jj
Kari said…
Happy 500th Jane!
I have to say your blog makes me want to come see Spain (and I will be soon.....woohoo)

keep going, your photos always inspire me.

p.s - I can't pick one pendant, i love them all!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Back again to say hi. Hope your vacation to Philadelphia was grand.

Stop by, I'm having a giveaway too!

xo jj
Pratiksha said…

About pendent; i loved all. :-)

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