30 August 2010

corner view...

Is taking all theme suggestions :):):)... please... and thank you! (The two magic words.)
This reminds of when I asked Daniel (awhile back) what the two magic words were.... And he answered, "Right now!".... (I laughed... I know I probably shouldn´t have...;))

P.S. Hi to all new visitors. Thanks for stopping by!

26 August 2010

looking back...

Hope you had a wonderful month. Ours was filled with family, ice cream (cherry yogurt with dark chocolate chunks... OMG!...), midnight fishing on the beach, 10 km a day (and sometimes 20 - depending on how much ice cream we had eaten.) walks with my dear sister-in-law, rain, sweaters, and breakfast with a view.... (and, yes, I´m still the reigning parcheesi champion of THE WORLD.)

It´s hard not to feel just a little depressed now that it´s over...

I´m meeting this lovely lady tomorrow so that should brighten my spirits.

Sending you a big hug hello!

23 August 2010


Just a few images from a bullfight in Tafalla. Hope you are enjoying your summers (and winters). I´ll be back soon to catch up.
¡Dos besos muy gordos!
... I miss you!

P.S. Still have the comments turned off because I only have two seconds to be here. See you soon!

22 August 2010

summer rerun

This, my friends, is the man who said, "If we get a dog, it will sleep out on the terraza"... Between you and me, he never stood a chance...

21 August 2010

summer rerun

I finally went to Sara´s horse lessons to take some pictures. I usually don´t go, because when I get within a mile of the stable my throat starts to itch, I start sneezing, and my eyes swell up. I convinced Berta to come with me, so we could take double the pictures in half the time. I had only been there for 15 minutes when it hit me, and had to spend the rest of the lesson watching from the car. Thanks to Berta, we now have some great shots of Sara jumping. All in all, we made it out of there unscathed.... That is, if you don´t count Berta freezing her petunias off, me sneezing for about half a day... And Sara getting a little angry with me...(Hey! She smelled REALLY horsey... and making her run next to the car until home isn´t so unfair... My eyes were starting to swell... You´d have done the same thing...;)

12 August 2010

summer rerun

A friend of mine gave me this recipe. It was a typical after- school snack growing up in her home.

It got me thinking about how different our childhoods (one in Spain and one in the US) were...

She grew up in a small town.
I grew up in a big city.

She went to private school and was taught by sweet nuns.
I went to public school and was taught by recovering hippies.

She grew up on produce and milk delivered daily to her home by local farmers.
I grew up on food bought from a large supermarket.

She collected animal trading cards.
I collected baseball trading cards.

Her aunties knitted all her sweaters, made all her dresses, and crocheted all her undergarments.
My clothes were store bought... Day of the week undies.

Our upbringings couldn´t have been more different. I often wonder how we turned out so similar...

09 August 2010

summer rerun

How many Spaniards does it take to hammer a nail?

1. Tell Daniel to bring him the toolbox.

2. Tell Daniel to open it, and pass him the "right" hammer. (Between you and me, don´t they all do the same thing?)

3. Proceed to hammer nail.

4. Give hammer back to Daniel so he can put it in the toolbox.

5. Tell Daniel to put the toolbox back in its place...

answer: 1 1/2.

06 August 2010

summer rerun

When home alone with the remote
Him: Extreme Fishing
Her: Desperate Housewives
Last film watched
Him: Gran Torino
Her: In My Father´s Den
On night table
Him: Joanna the Mad
Her: Eat, Pray, Love
Favorite hiking spot
Him: Golf course
Her: Mountain
Him: Solo
Her: Con leche
Him: Olives
Her: Chocolate
Him: Loafers
Her: Converse

Go figure...

(april 2, 2009)

04 August 2010

summer rerun

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my husband. Actually, he´s the one in the fourth row, eating a hot dog and waving the giant foam finger...
Most Spaniards are divided over bullfighting. There are those who compare it to art, and those who think it´s bordering on barbarism. Most tickets cost as much as a Springsteen concert, and sell out just as fast. So if an Antonio Banderas look-alike invites you to a bullfight you should go. If, by the second bull, it starts to feel a little like ancient Rome, try concentrating on the following facts;
You are sitting next to an Antonio Banderas look-alike.
Bulls live really good lives-much longer and happier than any cow, chicken, pig, or lamb.
If you squint, you can block out the blood and enjoy the dance between bullfighter and bull.
Bullfighters have really nice...capes...

February 10, 2009

03 August 2010

summer rerun

My 13 year old´s Wii went on the blink. In the time it took me to remember where I had left the guarantee, he had the tool box out and was rolling up his sleeves. Why is it that men, little men in this case, assume that when anything breaks they can fix it? It doesn´t matter that they have never seen the inside of a Wii ( toaster, DVD...) in their lives - they are somehow convinced that if they can get it open, the problem will be solved. So in between laughter, (if you had seen how serious he looked, you´d have laughed too) I wrestled* Daniel to the floor in an attempt to ply the screwdriver out of his little hand. Of course, that night, my husband had it opened and fixed within five minutes...
*No children were harmed during the making of this post...

(March 5, 2009)

02 August 2010

news, reruns, beach, and bulls...

Jorge has taken a job in Madrid... This city girl is moving back to a city! More details soon.

Since summer is the time for reruns I thought I´d post some of my old favorites from posts past. I´m turning off the comments because you were already once so generous... and I thank you for that... :)

I´ll be at the beach again this year where I´ll be drying out my wet bones, taking early morning walks, and defending my Parcheesi Champion of the World title.... (Meet me in Zarauz if you´d like to take me on ;))

I´m working on a photography book on the life of a bullfighter. But I´m sure you already figured that one out. ;)

I´ll be out of internet reach so I´m wishing you all a happy happy August! Try not to do anything too fun or interesting. I don´t want to miss anything!

(Some stolen moments from the past few days:))

Big hugs my friends!


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